Inspiring and challenging course for you who are complete beginners or who are already well underway.

There is room for all of us. A cozy and safe atmosphere is paramount on this course. I have always painted and for the last 7 years full time. I have exhibited in countries such as: Norway, Germany, Holland, Switzerland and Sweden. My favorite subject is the horse, but I paint everything from abstract, portraits, vintage cars and animals. To paint is first of all - to see. I help with different tricks and techniques so that everyone is challenged at their level. Everyone has at least one finished painting home. You paint what you want. All courses develop slightly differently depending on what the participants go into in depth.

The course is also offered as a Family course!


Registration takes place by purchasing the course under the "products" tab and your registration is binding. Should we be prevented from holding the course due to covid-19, the participant fee will of course be refunded. 

You are always welcome to call for more information on +45 26806672 or use the contact form on this page.

What can be learned on the course?

On request, I will review putty techniques, the importance of brush strokes, quality of paint, quality of canvases. We talk a lot of light and shadow, How do I balance my subject with my background? How do I choose a good subject? We paint with acrylics. You can also work with spray paint, stencils and serigraphy frames. And much, much more. You can buy additional paint consumption. I am a fun-loving, positive and creative teacher whose main task is to get the course participants to achieve and strive for the optimum, as well as to leave the course with a good feeling in their stomach. My goal is achieved when the course participants have discovered that they can do much more than they thought when they arrived. And have tested some techniques and limits that seemed difficult to the individual, but which we overcame together.

Practical information

  • On the courses that are held at my pony workshop, the price includes lunch.
  • Unfortunately, I cannot take allergies into account. You are welcome to bring your own lunch. A refrigerator is available. 
  • Max 6 participants in the Pony workshop. On courses abroad 10-12 participants.
  • Consumption of paint can be purchased for DKK 100 per person per day. It is not recommended to go out right before the course and buy cheap paint, as it is difficult to paint with. So better just wait and try good materials.
  • Paintbrushes can be borrowed on the course.
  • You are welcome to bring 1-4 canvases yourself, preferably 60x80 cm or larger. However, about 1 x 1 meter - maximum. For reasons of space in the studio. It can be difficult to paint very small. Canvases can also be bought from me.
  • Floor easel can be rented for 100 DKK (on courses in my studio Ponyværkstedet, in Varnæs, they are available free of charge)
  • There are good accommodation options in the area.
  • Consider what you want to paint. Bring clear photos. Preferably a tablet or iPad.

Family course

Would you like to spend a day in the studio together as a family and get a painting home?

The course includes optional canvas in size up to 75 x 75cm, paint and teaching. I support you in the process and make sure you get a painting home. You paint the painting together, I assist with heaps of good advice, ideas and techniques. 

You can be 2-4-6 or more. Maybe grandma will join too?

We paint with acrylic, which is water-based. There are templates, stencils, brushes, easels and everything you need at your disposal. 

You just bring the packed lunch. I offer tea and coffee and a soft drink. 

The course is held in the pony workshop (my studio) Varnæsvej 610. 6200 Aabenraa, Denmark. 

We typically paint from 9.30am. The course typically takes 4 - 6 hours. The length may vary from time to time. The most important thing is that you have had a good experience and that your painting has been completed.

Price all incl. 4900 DKK


We live at Varnæsvej 610. 6200 Aabenraa, between Aabenraa, Sønderborg and Gråsten. 

There are many excellent accommodation options with different prices in the area around us.

I have managed to get a very special offer for the course participants. 

Hotel Benniksgaard in Rinkenæs (about 20 km from here) gives a 10% discount to you course participants. They have rooms in all price ranges including breakfast. To obtain the discount, you must book online. The discount code is: midtgaardmaleri

I can also recommend a small local place nearby. (approx. 2 km) You can book directly with Lone Hamann and save a booking fee. Call +45 27621389 See it at:


  • ★★★★★
    Absolutely fantastic cosy, funny, educational and cozy course. The trip from Røros - Norway was so worth it. I would love to come again.
  • ★★★★★
    It was actually a little overwhelming to step into this new universe. Some of them have clearly been involved before, and are starting to set up with experience. I just sit down and follow along. After a short time, all the help I could wish for is offered. As soon as the paint is poured, I feel like part of the team and take part in questions and good advice. Super helpful people and teaching it makes it possible to come home and continue working, with everything I learned. Just 2 days provide so much inspiration, for play, joy and presence.
  • ★★★★★
    Loves participating in Maj Brit's painting courses. Got a lot of good learning and inspiration. In addition, it has always been very pleasant. I will definitely be a regular customer.
  • ★★★★★
    "I have participated in several courses with Maj Brit Midtgaard and have improved a lot in my imagery and not least my own acceptance of how I think my brushstrokes should be. Maj Brit, in her completely natural and sweet way, has made me dare to have many AND bigger brushes in hand, while she has generously poured out tips and guidance to get the best result from the wishes I have had.I think I have learned oceans from her courses and enjoy her gentle natural communication and learning techniques . You always go home with something in your luggage, and it doesn't matter that in addition to being extremely talented, she's also a lovely person."
  • ★★★★★
    "I can warmly recommend Maj Brit Midtgaard's painting course days. As a total NEW in the field, I wanted to "just see" how to START with a completely white canvas, colors and brushes. With Maj Brit's straightforward personality and language , without me realizing it, she guided me into playing with the colors and then the background was made. And just like that with the picture where I was hoping to learn to draw a horse's eye, but came home with an entire horse's head painted on it. The canvas. Maj Brit explained the techniques so simply that I just got carried away with the play and the colors. A wonderful learning course even for us who are completely "new". See you again May Brit and Thank you for giving me the courage to jump into the world of acrylic paint. And all the rest of you, off you go, out of the creative closet and know that Maj Brit will always meet you with open arms and understandable guidance no matter where you ARE."
  • Elin Aas
  • Tina Nørlund
  • Tina Petersen
  • Lilian Glad
  • Hanne Andersen