Visit the Ponies in the Pony Workshop, or have them visit your institution or similar.

The ponies are all friendly and love having people around them. You can visit the ponies here on the farm. It is also possible to have a pony out for a visit, for example for a birthday/confirmation. The ponies also like to visit kindergartens or nursing homes. It is incredibly important to me that animal welfare, i.e. consideration for the ponies, is put first - at the same time that the visitor or those we visit - have a good experience. This means that I try to read the ponies and their behavior, at the same time as the person we are with. I really want to share my knowledge about the horses with those who are visiting. I attend several courses a year to stay up-to-date on horse welfare and to understand as much about communication with the horses as possible. It is an incredibly exciting world to move into, and the horses offer so much in return when we try to land in their world.

Visit the Pony Workshop

A visit with us lasts about 1 hour.

If you also wish to go for a walk with a pony, it can be an opportunity for extra fun. We have a small forest opposite the property. The trip is approximately 2.5 km. I'd like to join in, if needed.

One hour goes by far too quickly. You are welcome to extend your visit to 1.5 or 2 hours.

This can be agreed before the visit or while you are here (in which case I will do what I can to make it succeed, of course depending on whether I have other appointments.

Contact to make an appointment on +45 26807782

  • Prices

    Admission 1 hour 300 DKK

    Entrance fee 1.5 hours 400 DKK

    Entrance 2 hours DKK 500 DKK.

    The prices are for 1 adult incl. 1 child under 12 years. Additional child under 12 years 150 DKK - 300 DKK

    Go for a walk in the forest 100 DKK plus the entrance.

  • What we do with the Ponies

    - groom and braid manes. 

    - Get a little insight into the horses' behavior and my training methods.

    - observe a pony herd in harmony.

    - feel, smell, maybe hug the lovely loving plush ponies.

    - maybe try to lead a pony around the small agility course and together with the pony perform little tricks.

  • Practical

    Remember well-closed footwear. The ponies can step on a foot, and even if they are small, it can hurt. It can also be wet in the forest and on the field. 

    If you visit the ponies as an institution, it is the resident who pays, the support staff is included free of charge.

    Visits to and from the ponies are at your own risk.

Get a visit from the Ponies

The ponies end up in nursing homes or residential institutions 1500 DKK for a visit. The price includes the first 20 km each way. Extra kilometers in addition 3 DKK per km. We will basically come with one pony and stay with you for 1-2 hours. It is agreed individually. 

Receipt is written. Contact for appointment  +45 26806672


  • ★★★★★
    "Juliane and I say thank you very much for pony and dog fun. We stayed in the stable/paddock and Maj Brit talks so nicely about the horses, so that you get a little insight into the animals on top of the nudge series. So if you're not into big horses, these are cute and calm "child-sized" horses get the job done in the company of Maj Brit as a smiling and present guide"
  • Rikke Solgaard