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Pony lessons

Pony lessons is for kids, once a week every Wednesday from 4-5pm.




There will be a maximum of 4 children/young people who come here permanently. In this way, you will not only get to know each other, but also all 6 ponies. You will take turns handling the different ponies. 
During the time you are here, activities can be: grooming and braiding, cuddling and training, running with the ponies and jumping over barriers, sometimes going for a walk with one or more of the ponies and whatever else we (and the ponies) think is fun. I want to pass on all the new knowledge that I continuously acquire about horses, their behavior and health.
The only thing we don't do is ride the ponies. They are simply too small!

Just as we humans are different - so the ponies are incredibly different in the same way. They have different ages, temperaments, looks and educational levels.

The ponies love getting to know their humans. They enjoy stability. That is why they are happy that you come again and again over a longer period.
We humans often think of our own needs, we must not humanize the horses, but neither should we belittle their feelings.
There may be days when you are here alone with me, and maybe days when there are 4 of you at the same time.
I attach great importance to everyone being seen and heard. It is incredibly important to me that everyone treats each other nicely and that no one feels left out.

Visiting the ponies is at your own risk. They are living animals, and therefore you cannot always predict what may happen.
For safety reasons, the children must therefore wear a riding helmet in the stable and when they are with the ponies. Safety boots are recommended, in any case only closed footwear in the barn.
I am really looking forward to seeing you and getting to know you.
The practical:
It costs 2400DKK to "go to the pony" 12 times. Payment is made in advance. The payment for the 12 times is paid at once.
There is no additional fee. And no "working Saturdays".
You commit to 12 Wednesdays at a time. If you are attending Pony Lessons, you have the right to book the next 12 Wednesdays in extension, before someone from outside is offered to take over your place on the team. That way, you don't pay for a longer period than 12 Wednesdays, but you know that the place is yours if you want it. If you want to stop before the period expires, the payment will not be refunded. After 8 Wednesdays, notification must be given as to whether you wish to continue for another 12 Wednesdays.
Call me and let's make arrangements (there is only room for very few)
You may therefore be offered a place on the waiting list.